Strip club - Xclub

The X Club is a gentlemen’s strip club located in an ancient building in the very heart of Tallinn. A special feature of the club’s interior design is the restored walls of the moat built in the XVI century. The stylish decoration and the luxury furnishing make the club an excellent place for relaxation and enjoyment of the shows by beautiful dancers.

The striptease X Club in Tallinn has a karaoke room where different parties and events can be held. Guests may enjoy sexy lap dances in our private rooms without anyone else watching.

Each private room has a unique design appropriate for the show to be performed. The Casanova show is performed for a small group of guests in a room decorated in an aristocratic style. The Bizarre show is meant for guests who are into a more intense experience. It is performed in a room decorated as a medieval torture chamber. The sexiest of dances is performed in a private room with a pool. Guests can also experience a unique show made especially for them and performed in a special comfortable private room.

And to make it even better the strip X Club also offers:

  • topless shows in limousines, strip dance classes with a club choreographer
  • strip poker with dancers
  • topless dinner shows and male erotic shows in the Casanova room
The halls

Show Hall

The Show Hall is decorated in a Parisian cabaret style. Its red lights, velvet furniture and mirror ceilings are meant to set the guests in a sexy mood.

Every guest can find a spot with a good view of the stage.

The shows

Casanova show

A luxury private room for this show is decorated in an aristocratic style. Dancers, who  wear incredible Venetian courtesan outfits, will carry guests to the long-gone epoch of the Venetian court with its atmosphere of lust and seduction.

Another performance available is a male erotic show.

The shows

Bizarre show

The bizarre show is held in a room decorated as a mediaeval torture chamber and is meant for guests who are into the more intense feelings. Welcome to the chamber of the Marquis de Sade!

The shows

Private show

The shows performed in the intimate atmosphere of this room are created for the specific guest.

A guest may order a private dance to indulge their own wild fantasies or to offer it as a gift to a friend.

The shows


The Water Show is another must see attraction of the club!

It is performed by a dancer covered in shiny droplets of water in a private room with a pool.

Select a dancer, book a private room, make yourself comfortable in an armchair and an enjoy the unforgettable water show whose sexiness is enhanced by the play of light, music and water.

The halls

Karaoke Hall

The adult X Club located in the very heart of Tallinn is a gentlemen’s club with its own karaoke hall.

The karaoke hall is where the guests may relax by singing and having fun. It is a place for vibrant parties, office outings, bachelor parties and birthdays.

Any celebration held in this hall will be a party to remember!